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General Betting Tips - Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments
When you hit that big score, go out and treat yourself to something nice, always reward yourself.
Buy something that you will see everyday, the reason for this is that you want to be reminded of your big score, it makes you feel good, you'll be picking the games and staring at your prize feeling like a champ, nothing but positive energy.
Go out on the town, some place you've never been, something that you will remember, champ it up and get tanked until you're having a great time, get laid, let loose. A lot of people don't take the time to reward themselves properly
It is more important than you think, you see, you are subconsciously motivating yourself to hit future wins, ultimately everyone wants to be happy all the time, and if you know winning a big bet will make you happy, you will want to hit one more often, you are programming your mind to be a winner more often, don't underestimate your subconscious mental abilities, your susconscious mind will eventually find a way to get what it wants.
Reward the team too, the one/s that brought you the joy, buy some of their merchandise, if it was a particular player that champed it up for me, i will usually go out and buy his rookie card, then when i need a pick me up i will grab my card album and look through the champs, works every time, i will even use that album to bless my team when i need a big win, i will watch the game and imagine the champs are playing for my team and get that positive energy going.
It's good for your overall mental well being to put these positive memorable moments into your memory bank and look back on them and make yourself feel good whenever you want.
You will be shining down the street with the positive glow of a winner, girly's will want to bed you, guys will want to be you, you da man.
Everyone be steppin aside for the shooter
And all this for just taking the time to reward yourself, it's free money, treat it that way
Good Luck

General Betting Tips

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