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NBA Basketball Tips - Evaluating A Team's Potential

Evaluating a Team's Potential
The first thing we do is go to and grab the roster of the team we are interested in evaluating, then we do each player, only do the 7 who are playing the most, the 5 starters and the 2 subs with the most minutes played.
Then go to and grab the career stats for that player.
Use a formula like this one...
Points + Total Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocked Shots - Turnovers and Divide that total by minutes played.
The number you get will look something like this, 0.85
Assume that number is 85, or multiply it by 100 to get 85
Now factor in his age
23-24-25-26-27 are prime years for a player in this League, so for each player that is in this age group, we multiply the total(the number 85 in above example) 1.25 times, so it's 85 x 1.25 = 106.25.
If a player is 18-19-20-21-22 or 28-29-30-31-32 years of age, we just leave the original total and don't multiply it by anything, so the 85 would remain 85.
If a player is under 18 or 33 and over, we multiply their total by 0.75, so it would be 85 x 0.75 = 63.75.
Now we do the same for the playoff stats, we do the exact same formula except we multiply the total number 1.25 times, so if the players playoff total is 0.80 or 80, we would do this, 80 x 1.25 = 100, then we factor in the age and come up with the total number.
Take the 2 totals, the career stats and the playoff stats and add them together and divide by 2, so if our players total was 85 in regular season and 100 in the playoffs, his overall score is 92.50
The last part is to go over his career highlights and look for these things, NBA Championships won, each one is worth 10 points, 5 points if they lost in the Finals, 10 points for Playoff MVP.
Add this bonus to the score you came up with, 92.50 in the example above, so if a player won the NBA Champioship 2 times in his career, we add 20 points to the 92.50 = 112.50.
We do this for each the top 7 players and the coach, for the coach we use this formula.
Carrer wins divided by total games coached, we might get a number like 0.73, which would be 73, we do the same for the playoffs but multiply the number by 1.25, then apply the NBA Championship bonus, 10 points for each title won, 5 points for each Finals appearance.
Now we have evaluated each player and coach, it might have taken a while, but at least we know for sure who is made of what.
You should write this down in a little booklet and keep it for future reference, like player trades, and evaluating who got the better deal will be a good time to check your booklet.
Once you do this you get a good view of where each teams strength lies in their game.

NBA Basketball Tips

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