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General Betting Tips - Getting The Most Value

Getting the Most Value
This is why you need accounts at more than one sportsbook, to ensure yourself of getting good value on your bets, just recently i remember betting on a player prop, RB Fred Taylor over 76.5 rush yards in a Monday Night NFL Football game, another sportsbook i have an account with was offering the same prop bet but setting the over/under line at 84.5 yards, since i liked him to hit the over on the total, i bet the lower line, both sportsbooks were taking -115 for the action, but one place was giving me 8 extra yards, as it turned out in this case, it made all the difference in the world, Fred Taylor finished the game with 79 yards rushing.
The same applies to betting on games against the spread and money lines, why would you bet a line at -110 when you can bet it at -104, or a money line at +150 when you can bet it at +160, have around 5-10 active sportsbook accounts at your disposal and bet the place that is being the most generous, it will vary, some sportsbooks will offer good odds on one game you like, and not so good odds on another game you like, be picky when betting.
Some people don't care about a couple bucks here and there, it's chump change, but not me, i am seriously tight with my gambling money, quite the opposite when i go out actually, but gambling is a business, and as a business efficiency is the key.
Imagine i bet $100 on every football game during the NFL Football season at -110 instead of -104, like Pinnacle offers, that's over $2000 i am throwing away, that chump change turns into champ change before you know it, so get in the habit of looking for the most value from your gambling dollar.
Aside from that, which is obvious, get the most value on your team, if you are looking at taking a futures bet and there are 16 teams left to choose from, make sure you get odds of at least 16-1 on your team.
The same applies to daily games, if a team you like is playing and you want to bet them, use this formula to make sure you are getting good value...
Lets pretend your team is the LA Lakers in NBA Basketball and they are playing on the road vs the Houston Rockets, both teams have identical records of 14-6 early in the year, but the LA Lakers are 2-3 on the road, while the Houston Rockets are 8-1 at home(this game is being played tonight as i am writing this, these are the real numbers for each team, so i'll use it as an example), we add the Lakers road wins to the Rockets home losses, 2+1=3, then we add the Lakers road losses to the Houston home wins, 3+8=11, mathematically the Lakers chances of winning are 3 in 14 or 21%, so on the money line you should be getting +476 and up on the LA Lakers to win this game straight up, decimal odds would be LA Lakers 4.76 Houston Rockets 1.27. The line is Houston -4 points, it is unlikely we will get value on the money line since the spread is only 4 points, so we don't bet the Lakers, no matter how much we think they will win.
If you follow the above guidelines it will only put more money in your pocket when the day is done.
Good Luck

General Betting Tips

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