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Lack of patience and self-discipline are the downfall of many players who otherwise are technically sound enough to be winners...Doyle Brunson


The decisions you make on the Flop are by far the most important...Doyle Brunson


Be straightforward...not your betting tactics. Some hands you get will virtually play themselves. Your ability to make the most, or lose the least, with one Pair will probably be the difference between winning and losing...Doyle Brunson


It comes to a point where you have to take a chance. If you want to be a winner...Doyle Brunson


You should never start out bluffing at a pot and keep bluffing at it without an out...Doyle Brunson


You can't play winning poker by playing safe all the time. You must take chances...gamble...Doyle Brunson


You should constantly be trying to get as much value for your hand as you can. And the way you do that is to bet...Doyle Brunson


Often you can tell just from the way a man bets, whether he has a strong hand or a weak hand , it's all in the motion...Mike Caro


Players often stack chips in a manner directly indicative of their play. Conservative means conservative: sloppy means sloppy...Mike Caro


Players staring at you are usually less of a threat than players staring away...Mike Caro


Play the top ten hands only for a while, get yourself comfortable, get yourself used to the game. As you advance as a player you can start playing the majority play hands...Phil Hellmuth


Remember to always raise. Do a lot of raising to find out where you're at. Raise to find out if your hand is the best hand or not. Raise to try to win the pot. Once you've learned the information, once you've learned where you're at through raising, make sure that you follow through. If you've learned that you're beat...fold, if you've learned that you have the best hand...continue to play and bet...Phil Hellmuth


It's very important that when your opponent has a drawing hand that misses to allow them to bluff to you...Howard Lederer


Very often you can catch a big bluff on the river, not by anything your opponent did on the river, but by how he was betting his hand earlier in the pot...Howard Lederer


Don't look at your cards until it's your turn to act...Howard Lederer


If you practice reading people, you will become a better poker psychologist...Howard Lederer


Find the few friends in your group that are really into the game and start sharing ideas amongst eachother, and you're gonna find your game improving very quickly...Howard Lederer


Mix up your play and become a dangerous unpredictable player...Howard Lederer