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Soccer Tips - The Right Chemistry

The Right Chemistry
Many gamblers searching for greatness have bitten the dust quite often by overlooking this angle, or underestimating its importance.
You think the team with the best players will win ?
I don't agree
Buying the best players means nothing except an inflated payroll, inflated ego's, and tremendously underinflated odds, since most people like to hammer these teams at the betting windows.
It does not make you a winner, however, if you buy the right styles of players that fit into your system well then you will have a good chance of winning.
Some teams are like a puzzle that's missing a piece or two, when they pick up the missing piece, watch out, because then they will go on a serious roll.
This is why every year you see almost all the top teams transferring major players from one top club to another, they are all searching for the right chemistry.
How do you spot a team with good chemistry you ask.
I look at some key things on the field.
1-Players bumping into eachother or running into the same space often is a sign of bad team chemistry.
2-Creative goals or scoring chances that involve perfectly timed runs and involve 2 or more players contributing to the play are signs of good team chemistry.
3-I use my VCR for this one, it's easier that way. When the opposing team from the one i'm studying has possession of the ball, i hit the pause button and study the formation of my team. I want to see my teams alignment, i want to see little triangles of 3 of my players pointing at the guy with the ball, sound positional defensive play, i don't want to see my players out of position. What happens is that if one player is out of position or makes a bad decision it forces the other players out of position, since they are having to compensate, and this throws the whole chemistry out of whack.
As a general rule, most teams will not tinker with their defensive chemistry, only with offense, they will bring in forwards or midfielders, but rarely defencemen, the back 4 is a unit, they have a trust and bond built up with eachother and the keeper, bringing in a new man who is not familiar with his defensive partners habits can be a complete disaster.
If a forward has been recently acquired and starts scoring goals and making an impact, keep your eye on this team, that is a very positive sign, it will give the rest of the team a bit more confidence and improve their overall game significantly.



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