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General Betting Tips - How To Get Off A Bad Roll

How to Get Off a Bad Roll
Getting yourself out of gory and into glory...

1-Stop, you don't need the game, the game needs you, take a break and make the game respect you again, re-establish proper order, don't let the game control you

2-Switch, change your action, if you play poker, go to another poker room and play there for a while

3-Change your mind, have a few drinks, spark one up, put yourself in a more relaxed mood and mindset

4-Take a shower, wash away the bad luck, go for a walk, clear your head

5-Think about how you went off, were you stupid(making bad decisions), or just unlucky, know the reason why it happened

6-Get that winning feeling back, take a drop in class and beat up on soft competition if you play poker, if you bet sports, bet on the biggest favourite you can find, the point is not to make money, but just break the jinx and start winning again

It's important to cut off a bad roll as quickly as possible and start up fresh, losing is in your subconcious, and the more you push a bad roll and lose, the worse it will get, you need to get those thoughts out of your head, because you will reach a point where you just expect something bad to happen everytime, that's when you know you've gone too far, if you reach that point, stop, do not attempt to get your money back with some bold move, the game is not going anywhere, beat the game another day, get fresh and then take your shot
Good Luck

General Betting Tips

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