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NFL Football Tips - Fading The Public

Fading the Public
Have you come across games that look so obvious that just about everybody in the world seems to be on them, and then watch the heavily bet lead pipe cinch lose.
There is an old saying which i am in 100% agreement with, "if something looks too good to be true, it is", and if a game looks way too easy for one team, and the mass public action is on them, stay away.
It's no secret that game fixing exists, you can spot it easily sometimes, not so easily other times, the main culprits are the officiating crews, it can be quite obvious which team the refs are on.
Typically in these "predetermined" games the line will be set slightly to draw more action on the team that is going to lose.
The betting public is at the bottom of the food chain in this world, so fading the public is not a bad idea.
The National Football League, the Owners, the Players Union, the Officiating Crew, the Bookies, the Mob, the Government, and who ever else is up in the hierarchy of NFL society will not lose money ever on the outcome of a game, the betting public will.
Playing games for honour and pride in a fairly contested environment is becoming increasingly less frequent, you will find it more in a men's recreational league, not in the pro game, too much money is at stake and too many greedy palms want a piece of the pie.
The best time to fade the public is when there is higher than avergae volume on a game, meaning there is more money involved, usually these are Monday Night Football games, Thursday Night Football games, Thanksgiving Day Football games, marquee Sunday afternoon games, regular season only.
Some sportsbooks let you see how much money is bet on each team, or at least the percentage amount, Betfair is one of them, you just click on the team and a new window will pop up telling you how much money is bet on a match and how much of it is bet on each team.
Good Luck

NFL Football Tips

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