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NFL Football Tips - When To Make The Big Bet

When to Make the Big Bet
It's not always a good idea to increase the size of your bet if you feel particularly strong about a teams chance of winning, however there are some very good times to make a big bet.
On a game like the Super Bowl, bet big, in any situation where there is a lot of money bet, the rule is that there is a lot of money to be won, so always bet more than you normally would on these special occassions.
Another good spot to make a large bet is when a team finds themself in a must win situation, like a team needing to win their last game of the season in order to make the playoffs, especially if they are playing good, watch out for these backpeddlers who find themself in a must win game because they've lost their last 3 games, don't bet on those teams.
Another general rule to follow is, don't bet on bad teams, even if you think their opponent is much worse, if you really have a feeling about the game you can bet it, but don't increase the size of your bets on these kinds of games.
If you're looking at placing a futures bet on a team, always bet them after they lose a game, never bet them while they are on a winning streak, if you use a place like Betfair or Mansion, you can buy them high and sell them low, turning a quick buck in the process.
One thing to remember about futures betting is that there is never any hurry, in most cases if a team is 50-1 in week one, they will be 50-1 again sometime in the next 16 weeks. The best time to make a futures bet is during the second half of the season, the 3/4 point is my favourite spot usually, at that point you normally have half of the teams in the league with a legitimate chance to make the playoffs, and at the same time you are able to guage their performance level accurately. Once you find your team at a nice price, look at things like who they play in their last 4 games, the health status of their players, are they injury free and looking good, envision them in the playoffs, who will they likely have to play and where, how would they match up, look at all of these things, doing this at the 3/4 point of the season is perfect because you know pretty much what you are getting with regards to your team, and also many teams will still be in the playoff hunt so you will get good enough odds.
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NFL Football Tips

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