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NBA Basketball Tips - When To Make The Big Bet

When to Make the Big Bet
It's not always a good idea to increase the size of your bet if you feel particularly strong about a teams chance of winning, however there are some very good times to make a big bet.
The NBA Playoffs provides plenty of opportunities to make big bets, one of my favourite bet large situations is on a team that is playing at home after losing their first 2 games of the series on the road, in this situation you are virtually guaranteed that the home team will put up the effort of their life. The key here is that we are betting with the edge and all the numbers are on our side
Another good spot to make a large bet is in the NBA Finals, we bet on the home team, besides the customary home court advantage, we get the added edge of having an Eastern team playing a Western team and vice versa, home teams playing opposition from other time zones have an even greater edge at home in these matchups.
During the regular season you should pick your spots carefully to increase your bet size, key on situations where your team has a decided advantage over their opponent, for example, Indiana(average team) is playing at home against San Antonio(above average team), Indiana is well rested, San Antonio played a tough game on the road the previous night, the line on the game is a pickem or even. A lot of people would bet San Antonio in this game, the reason is that they know San Antonio is the better team and the line is a straight up pickem, so it is very tempting, but the right play to make in this situation is to take Indiana, they have the advantage, go with the flow and capitalize on the other gamblers falling asleep at the wheel.
If you're looking at placing a futures bet on a team, always bet them after they lose a game, never bet them while they are on a winning streak, if you use a place like Betfair or Mansion, you can buy them high and sell them low, turning a quick buck in the process, NBA Basketball gets a lot of action.
You can take advantage of good futures odds in the playoffs, if the team you like starts a series on the road and lose their first 2 road games in the series(which is often the case), that is the time to make your futures bet, realistically, if your team is decent they will win their next 2 games at home and tie up the series, at that point anything can happen, and your team will have a bit of momentum going as well.
When making bets on the futures market, remember to be patient and never panic.
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NBA Basketball Tips

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