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NFL Football Tips - Picking A Super Bowl Champion Part II

Picking a Super Bowl Champion II
In part II of Picking a Super Bowl Champion we'll look at things like Karma, Voodoo, Astrology, Gut Instinct, Psychic Intuition, and so, i'm not kidding and i'm not high, well maybe a little.
Good Karma is when you meet someone for the first time and you are immediately taken by them in a positive way, it's like, hey, you are my friend even though we've never met before, it's just a feeling you get, like when a man and a woman are attracted to eachother, it's all about karma.
So we need to find a team that exudes positive karma, how do we do this, well there are a few ways, my favourite way is to place a bet on or against them, preferrably on them to do well, but not your typical bet, like an against the spread or win straight up bet, i look for odd bets, something that won't really effect the final scoreline, i handicap the game and look for something, anything, that my team should be able to do, for example, if i think my teams running back is going to have a big game, i'll take a prop bet with him hitting the over, if he has a big game and i win my bet i consider it good karma, if he breaks his leg on his 1st rushing attempt, that would be bad karma.
By doing this i am establishing a good karma with my team, i am also gaining trust in them, which is very important, i have to believe in their ability.
The next part deals with that, the trust and belief in my team to do well, for that i need to focus in on the key players and coach, when i look at them do i say to myself, this guy is a champ, i am 100% sure of that, or do i say to myself, this guy is a bit shaky, not sure i have complete confidence in his ability, much of this depends on your ability to accurately assess a players ability, so it's a judgement call on your part.
If you study a game as you watch it, you will see many crucial momentum changing plays unfold during the game, certain players have a knack for making big plays at these moments, call it coming through in the clutch, if you don't have these players on your team you will never win anything, just keep in mind that these are not just the high profile offensive players, these are linebackers, lineman, etc, so keep your eyes on everyone.
Before we get into the weirdness of voodoo and astrology, lets explore a commonly used phrase, "Gut Instinct", what is gut instinct, well if you're like me, it's the odd feeling you get just as a game is about to start, like little bubbles floating through your stomach, and you say to yourself, oh shit, i think i just made a boo boo.
One thing i like to do right after i've made my picks is go outside, or play competitive sports, something that will connect me both physically and mentally to my picks.
It may sound weird but what i'm trying to do is evaluate the strength of my picks, if i play better or run faster and stronger than i normally do, i feel good about my picks, if i'm outside and attempting to meet women(one of my favourite hobbies), i pay attention to my timing, is it on, is it off, did i just miss this little cutie because i was a few seconds late, etc.
If something is noticeably off, i change my picks, or bet less, or just don't bet at all, this could be considered superstition, but hey, i'm superstitious, what can i say.
That is more applicable to daily betting and not so much picking a futures winner, nevertheless, i like to throw in a little bit of everything since it will only help me.
Once you get behind your team you become one of the team, your money is on them, and you both share the same fate, you are brothers to joyous glory or bitter defeat, there is no way out so keep positive, always be positive, if somebody says something negative about your team kick their ass, ok you don't have to go that far but make sure you stand up for your team, you must remain confident, a champ never doubts his own ability.
Now we'll look at the not so popular supernatural approach to handicapping, this borders on pure nutiness but i'll let you in on a secret, it has worked for me many a time.
The instances when i use this approach are after all others, sort of like a confirmation that my pick will win, that extra exclamation point, or in cases where i am completely clueless as to what will happen i might get out a deck of cards, but not a regular deck of cards, an evil pack of tarot cards.
I run the cards using a numbers system, for example, i'll take a players birthday, the date of the game, jersey number, etc, and count out the cards, incorporating a little astrology into my voodoo as well.
What this does for me is this, if i notice a certain player is getting positive cards my attention is drawn to him, as my attention is focused on him i start to notice little things that indicate he is sitting on a big performance that normally i would not have picked up on.
You would also be surprised to find out how many times the cards will favour players on one team and predict bad things for the other teams.
Of course there is no way any deck of cards could know who will win the Super Bowl, or is there ?
Flashback to the Super Bowl between New England and Philadelphia, and something i will always remember.
Doing my voodoo thing, i pulled out a card for New England coach Bill Belichik, it was a picture of a man in a boat surrounded by gold and jewels, a champ pic if i ever saw one. I did the same for Philadelphia coach Andy Reid, his was a picture of a dejected man standing in front of a closed gate with his head down.
It was hard to misinterpret those two pictures, one was obviously projecting a positive outlook while the other was a very negative outlook.
Of course i did this again, and the cards were right once again, just keep in mind i had already made my pick for the game, i'm not some freakshow who just cuts a deck of cards to pick a winner.
The point is that i was getting that positive energy flowing, by the time i was done all the arrows were green and pointing up, me, my team, the ghosts that haunt my house, everyone was certain my team would win, the flow of positive energy was unstoppable.
There are no rules when it comes to handicapping, anybody can look at stats, don't limit yourself to normailty, step into the bizarre, you just might like what you see.
Good Luck

NFL Football Tips

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